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Gout is a crystal-induced inflammation of the synovial joints. It is three times more common in males than females, and the crystals come from monosodium urate.

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Gout is a crystal-induced inflammation of the synovial joints. It is three times more common in males than females, and the crystals come from monosodium urate. So, monosodium urate crystals cause gout, and they deposit in the joint, resulting in severe acute joint pain and swelling.

It is usually spontaneously going to resolve itself, but it can eventually become a chronic condition with more frequent pain episodes. Ultimately it can result in joint deformity.


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Gout can affect any person at any age. Unhealthy city-based lifestyle, terrible food habits, and lack of exercise increase the number of gout complications in Narela New Delhi every day.

What is the main reason for gout formation and related pain?

So, the reason for having gout is the concentration of uric acid. So, it is the amount of uric acid, which is present in the serum. Eventually, gout is more likely to occur with levels greater than 7 milligrams per decilitre.

We have high levels of uric acid either due to the overproduction of uric acid or the under excretion of uric acid. Well, the under excretion of uric acid is more common in Delhi people. The reason is either due to decreased glomerular filtration rate or, it can also be to some impaired renal function.

It can happen due to the increase in certain drugs that can cause uric acid under excretion.


The other factor is the overproduction of uric acid. This overproduction can either be a defect in the purine salvage pathway. It is one of the mechanisms by which uric acid increases. Here it is due to a deficiency in the enzyme hypoxanthine phosphor ribose.

The overproduction of uric acid can be a disease also, which causes a high cell turnover. Even diseases like psoriasis generally cause a secondary case of gout. So, we have a condition where one of the side effects is gout.


It is not directly due to that disease because, usually, monosodium urate can be present in the joints. But it's usually balanced with the levels of the serum. Whereas factors like temperature and the amount of blood that is flowing there can cause crystal formation.


The reason why gout is more common in the toes and the ankles is a much different location from the centre of the body. Hence, the temperature is much more relaxed, and there is much less blood flow than the other parts of the body. 


Having these crystals present in the joint can be detrimental because the crystals are full of negative charge. So, it is an inflammatory response. It activates the complement pathway.


There are various symptoms of inflammation like pain, redness, loss of function, and swellings. Now, it usually resolves on its own. So, the phagocytosis or the breakdown of the crystals affects this inflammatory response.


Even though it can be painful and swelling, it can increase heat and fluid influx, which helps break down the crystals. Once we have this influx of serum and fluid, the crystals themselves get coated with serum proteins positively charged. At the same time, the crystals are full of negatively charged.


This process reduces the amount of inflammatory response that the crystals can cause. Also, anti-inflammatory cytokines like transforming growth factor-beta are released from macrophages. These things are present in the joints, and these also help to reduce the inflammation.


How to heal from gout?

You will need the following materials -

  • Pillows- This is for the elevation
  • plenty of water- for clearing the system


It is essential to elevate several pillows to get the foot higher than the heart level for pain-relieving. Also, while you are recuperating, you want to make sure that you are avoiding any foods that irritate the gout problem.


These foods involve things such as rich foods like red meat, mushrooms, creams, alcohol. So, while you are recovering and allowing yourself to recuperate from the gout problems, we also want to do it. You have to drink plenty of water and flush the system out to get relief from the pain.


Eight to ten glasses of water a day or more is recommended to alleviate the symptoms of gout.

Physiotherapy for gout:

Physiotherapy can help you to get out of all the gout pain. If your condition does not require any surgery, then Dr. Vinay Varma can advise you on Pragati physiotherapy's best treatment in New Delhi. The treatments will include -

  • Joint mobilization
  • Limited but effective exercise
  • Stretching muscles adjacent to the gout formation
  • Massage
  • Hot and cold therapy according to your requirements.


You can use hot and cold treatment to get rid of the continuous pain of gout.



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