How to manage pain in Winters by physiotherapy?

On the off chance that you are experiencing any bones and joints related issues, you realize it quite well. You are an opportunity to encounter torment, solidness, expanding in your joints and bones.

Dr. Vinay Verma Created on 5th Feb, 21

Everybody knows that a drop in temperature during winter brings weather-related health issues. 

We have seen that cold weather instigates several health complications, mostly in children and older adults. The situation becomes worse in the case of people with bones and joint issues.

If you are suffering from any bones and joints related issues, you know it very well. You are a chance to experience pain, stiffness, swelling in your joints and bones


The symptoms may include fatigue and fever due to pain. It can be so painful that you may become immobile during the winter season.


So, in this case, physiotherapy can benefit you a lot. If you are experiencing arthritis, asthma, spondylosis, etc., the pain can be unbearable. Here also physiotherapy will help you to manage the pain.


Delhi and its surrounding areas are known to have chilling winter with smog. As the measurement falls in northern India, the Himalayan cold wind makes the place unbearable for joint pains. It becomes challenging for aged people too.


So, searching for help to get rid of the pain is compulsory for everyone. Delhi people's good news is Pragati Physiotherapy clinic is providing the best physiotherapy treatments for people in Delhi and surrounding areas. If you are experiencing any winter-related pain in your joints and bones, visit us as early as possible.


Now let us see how physiotherapy can manage your pain in winter.

  • In winter, aged people suffer from joint pain and muscle stiffness the most. The low temperature makes the lives of older adults full of agony. They cannot even move their body parts in a few cases. As a result, senior people need treatments for bones and joint problems in the winter season more than everyone.
  • Here, physiotherapy can provide you with the best treatment. You can avail of hot and cold therapy, TENS therapy, massage in the problem area to manage the pain. All of these will ease the muscle stiffness and give you mobility. We may suggest a few exercises and joints mobilizations to get rid of the pain.
  • If you have already developed rheumatoid arthritis, you will experience severe pain in winters. It is a chronic issue that can make you immobile too. You will feel pain, swelling, stiffness, fatigue, and other known symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Without proper physiotherapy treatment, it will become impossible for you to manage the pain.


We suggest physiotherapy as an effective and safe treatment to fight against rheumatoid arthritis. We at Pragati Physiotherapy clinic provide the proper counselling to you if you have rheumatoid arthritis. Our massage and exercise plan will improve your health. You will be fit and active in your daily life.


  • In case you are suffering from cervical spondylosis, the pain in winter is also very high. It is a condition that affects your bones, neck joints, and discs. It can be so severe that you may lose your movements as well.


Here physiotherapy works as an excellent remedy for managing your spondylosis. Our physical therapist will teach you various exercises that will improve the flexibility and strength of your body. You will get core stability and easy motion too.


In case you have experienced sudden trauma, you will need proper care for your body. You may require conventional medical treatments. 


But, after the treatment, physiotherapy will be the mandatory tool to ease your pain. In winter, a mild accident or trauma in any part of your body can feel severe. So, to get rid of this intense pain from trauma, you should avail the proper physiotherapy treatment.


Pragati physiotherapy clinic in Narela, Delhi, is a state clinic where the ambience is so friendly. To date, many patients have availed of our special personalized treatment and got the proper cure. So, it is worth booking an appointment with us now.



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