Physiotherapy: The Effective and Safest Treatment for Low Back Pain

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Back pain is a complex condition that can originate from many different places. Any structures within your body can be a source of pain. 

It means that your pain could be originating from your spinal bones, the discs, the muscles near the spine, or nerves. The cause of these parts being irritated can be variable. It can be stiffness between segments, disc herniation, or nerve irritation.

Lower back pain is a widespread and most common musculoskeletal condition. Three out of every five people experience episodes of low back pain in their life. Around 15% to 33% of the population suffers from an episode of low back pain.


Highlighting the importance of education about the condition and the formulation of management strategies reduces the burden on your life. The onset of lower back pain is often cumulative. Many have been repetitive low-level loading on the back’s tissues, such as frequent bending or lifting. 


This loading occurs at a level that isn't enough to injure the back. But with repetitive loading over time, the amount needed to affect the end has become less. 


Many people will remember a specific event right before their back pain commenced; it usually wouldn't hurt their back, such as a sneeze. But after long-term loading, this can be enough to aggravate the tissue. 


Back pain can also occur after a single significant event where the loading on the spine is greater. It could include falling from a ladder, a car accident, or twisting while lifting something heavy.  


Recently there has been a significant review of all clinical guidelines. These were available to health practitioners for the non-invasive management of low back pain. 


During the study, the authors found ten high-quality sets of guidelines. There were five key management points that all of the policies suggested. 

These included:

  • Evidence-based education
  • Early return to activity 
  • Avoidance of bed rest
  • Use of paracetamol, anti-inflammatories, or muscle relaxants if indicated
  • Spinal mobilizations.


Out of the five essential management points for low back pain, physiotherapy is involved in three. These interventions include:

  • Knowledge about the causes of low back pain.
  • The physiological processes and contributors to the pain experience.
  • Advice on how to get back to activity.

Your Physiotherapist will help you find a therapeutic window of exercise for your back, depending on your progress through recovery. Physiotherapy for low back pain aims to maximize the amount of healing through the use of movement. 


One of the critical points in managing lower back pain is that prolonged avoidance of movement is detrimental to recovery. In some cases, spinal segment mobilization will be indicated. Your physiotherapist will assess this with the decision made specifically for your presentation.


Typically, people with low back pain will significantly improve their symptoms and function within the first month of treatment. And further improvements for up to three months. 


You should consult General practitioners for any prescription and advice on medications that may or may not help your specific case.


It's also prevalent for people to have low mood or anxiety when they have low back pain and change from the lifestyle that they enjoy. Research has shown links between low moods and increased pain experience. If you're experiencing mood changes or anxiety episodes, psychologists' help can be beneficial as part of your management strategy. 


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