Physiotherapy for Paralysis in Narela, Delhi

Paralysis is a condition that is often caused by damage in the nervous system, particularly in the spinal cord. A person with paralysis experiences loss of muscle function and loss of sensations in the affected part. But with physiotherapy, one can regain and retain the body’s natural strength.

Neuro Physiotherapy Treatment in Narela, Delhi

Neuro physiotherapy treats patients with neurological conditions. These are movement and functional disorders caused by impairments affecting the brain, spinal cord and the nervous system. 



Physiotherapy for Sports in Narela, Delhi

Sports physiotherapists are professionals who treat sports enthusiasts by preventing and managing injuries resulting out of exercise and sports activities. 

Physiotherapy for Joint Pain in Narela, Delhi

Joint pain can be a cause of a nightmare for everyone. It is so severe that you can become immobile for your whole life. The reason behind all your joint pain is not the same. However, Physiotherapy can be significantly beneficial for any joint pain.

Physiotherapy for Hip Pain Treatment in Narela, Delhi

Do you frequently suffer from hip pain? Then it would help if you had proper treatment to reduce your hip pain. At Pragati Physiotherapy Clinic, we determine the cause of your pain and help relieve the pain.

Physiotherapy for Back Pain in Narela, Delhi

Back pain is a medical condition that occurs amongst people of varying age groups. It disrupts regular routine, slows you down and makes it impossible to do certain activities. The cause of pain could be an acute injury or chronic strain. 

Physiotherapy for Neck Pain in Narela, Delhi

Physiotherapy has relieved many patients suffering from neck pain, especially in this age, with most people suffering from it due to long work hours or due to injuries of the neck.