People Speak About Us

Felt that I got the best possible treatment and owe my life to the Doctor! Thank You Dr. Vinay for caring and smiling nature. You maintained a good atmosphere for patients at your clinic.

I had back pain for the last 6 months and now am completely satisfied with the treatment given by Dr. Vinay. Thanks

A remarkable, polite and scientific way of treatment in state of art technique used by Dr. Vinay. Thanks.

A very good doctor Mr. Vinay....his service is more than the satisfaction.

Dr. Vinay treats all patients with the utmost care. He is quite an experienced doctor. He helped in recovering my mother from paralysis. Great job and thank you.

Dr. Vinay is good and caring when it comes to physiotherapy treatment. Thanks to Dr. Vinay for treating my cervical pain which I had for 3 months. Now I feel better after one week of treatment.